What types of blood testing do you do?

As part of your initial baseline visit, we do comprehensive blood testing on-site and get your results back in 12 minutes. Results are immediately available to you and your doctor in the exam room via our software. Results also get sent directly to the Forward app on your phone.

Labs include: hemoglobin, a screen for anemia, a comprehensive metabolic panel, a screen for kidney and liver function with results including electrolytes, a lipid panel to check your cholesterol, and an optional HIV test. Our metabolic panel provides a potassium level, bicarbonate, sodium, chloride, calcium, urea, glucose, creatinine, ALP, ALT, total bilirubin, AST, albumin, and total protein. These values can help your doctor identify possible dysfunction in the liver, kidney, and gallbladder.

There are a few major advantages to our approach to lab testing:

  • Speed - onsite blood tests come back in 12 minutes, which means your doctor can take action right away and make data-driven decisions about your health.

  • Convenience - no need to waste time going back and forth between a doctor's office and a lab - everything gets taken care of in one place.

  • History - your results live as structured data in our systems and on your phone, which means you'll always know what your data says about your health and how it's changing over time. It also lets us use AI to trigger relevant actions and notifications based on what we gather from your lab results.