How does the app work?

Forward is mobile-first, meaning everything related to your health and wellness is managed through our iOS and Android apps.

Some of what you can do with our app includes:

  • 24x7 access - members of our care team are always available to help with health issues and questions that come up and provide concierge-like service. If you're traveling in a foreign country or just in the middle of a meeting, there's always someone to help remotely, saving you unnecessary in-person visits if you don't need them or aren't able to come visit us in person.

  • Your data in one place - all of your care plans, lab & genetic results, and historical issues live in one place on your phone.

  • Follow-ups and reminders - don't worry about taking notes during a visit or trying to read our doctor's handwriting; everything we discuss in person gets pushed to your phone, with easy access to follow-up questions, reminders regarding referrals and prescriptions, and anything else that may come up.