Kaiser Health network members, or members of most HMOs, have a unique experience with Forward than other insurance members. Some of our current members have Kaiser insurance and still find a lot of value in the different approach that we take here to be more data-driven and proactive with your care. 

When referred to most specialties, we will reach out to your primary care doctor at Kaiser and place the referral through them, so you can be seen by a Kaiser specialist. We can also call most prescriptions into your Kaiser pharmacy as well. We put forth our best effort to facilitate your care within Kaiser or your HMO provider network so that it's as convenient as possible. Sometimes your Kaiser / HMO PCP requires you to see them before you can see a Specialist, and other times they will pass along the referral on our behalf. There is still a significant amount of care that we can do in-house which wouldn't involve your insurance at all. 

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