The $149 monthly membership fee covers all services and interactions you have with Forward, both at the clinics and through the app. Whether you're chatting in on a weekend evening about a sore throat or you're at a Forward site with your doctor for a visit to build a more proactive plan to monitor your risk of developing heart disease. We don't bill anything through insurance, but rather the membership fee covers everything we can do in-house. There are no co-pays for chats or in-person visits. 

But what does that include? 

  • That means blood testing for monitoring things like your heart health, kidney and liver function, hemoglobin levels and more are included, as are things like routine medications, all vaccines and even a take-home smart device to keep your doctor continuously plugged in to your health. When it comes to medications, we also include first-fill for many generic medications. So should you come in with a rash and need a steroid cream or allergies and need an inhaler, we have got you covered at no additional cost to you. 

What isn't included? 

  • We can facilitate complex lab work, such as a TSH or Testosterone test. These tests are processed offsite and will be billed through your insurance, separate from your membership fee. 

  • Any time you'd need something like specialist care or if you have an ongoing prescription to get filled, these kinds of costs would still be billed through your insurance or out of pocket, the same as they are today. The same goes for any imaging like x-ray or MRI. 

Have more questions? Give us a call at 415-349-0850, extension 1 or 2. 

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