The Baseline is your inaugural visit with Forward that marks the start of your membership with Forward. It's the first in-person interaction you'll have with your Forward care team, during which you will work with your Doctor to build a comprehensive overview of your health.

During the Baseline visit you will:

  • perform a body scan

  • see a Medical Assistant, who will collect additional important vital readings and draw blood for a comprehensive lipid panel and metabolic panel, as well as select additional tests

  • see your Doctor for an extensive review of your medical history, current health profile, lifestyle, and physical exam. Your Doctor will also review all of your lab results with you during the visit and work with you to build a plan to address any health concerns and goals.

You will spend quality time with your Doctor discussing everything from your medical history to your current health, lifestyle, habits, and more. Your doctor will perform a comprehensive physical exam and will even review the results of the lipid panel and metabolic panel in the room with you in realtime—no more waiting days or weeks to get results back!

You will work with your Doctor to address any health goals and concerns by building care plans that will give both you and your Doctor a way to monitor and improve your health over time. Your care plans will be personalized for you.

Once your Baseline visit is complete and your Care Team has inputted all of your Care Plan information, you will receive a notification through the Forward app. This will give you access to everything that you discussed with your doctor during that visit—your medical history and details, the plans you built with your Doctor, and any other, recommendations or details they want to share with you—all organized neatly for you to access anytime.

After your Baseline visit, you have full access to all of Forward's services. You can schedule followup visits and telephone calls, chat your Care Team 24/7 through the app, and check-in to see how you're tracking towards your goals.

Want to watch someone walk through a Baseline visit in a few minutes? Check out our video here

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