Our baseline visit is the first interaction you'll have with your Forward doctor and care team and helps to kick off your membership. It's the hour to hour and a half long in-person visit during which you build a comprehensive overview of your health. It starts by capturing your health metrics starting with height, weight, temperature, pulse, pulse oxidation) on our bodyscanner. Next, you'd get blood pressure readings and lab work done with our medical team - these test results are ready for you and your doctor to review mid-visit in realtime. No more waiting days or weeks to get those results back via mail or email!

After getting bloodwork drawn, your doctor comes into the exam room and you dive into a conversation about your health and physical exam. You'd address your health goals and concerns and then together, create care plans that give you all a way to better monitor and improve your health. These care plans are personalized to you;  for example, your doctor would combine information on your family history, current risk for heart disease and goal of weight loss to build a plan that involving running a certain amount of miles a week in combination with implementing dietary changes. After the exam with your doctor, you'd set up a game plan for following up on the things you've discussed during that visit. No need to bring a notepad or take notes, all that you discuss with your doctor during that visit will be organized for you in your app -- the plans, recommendations and details of them, and even things like bloodwork data and any medical records discussed. 

You'd be able to check in through your app to see how you're tracking towards your goals and ask any and all questions you may have about those goals, any care plans or general health concerns. 

Want to watch someone walk through a Baseline visit in a few minutes? Check out our video here

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