Your membership starts by downloading the Forward app, onboarding and scheduling your first visit with us, your Baseline exam. That visit is about an hour to ninety minutes long, and is primarily one-on-one time spent with your doctor and care team at one of our Forward sites. After that visit, you'll take home the many personalized care plans that you would have built with your doctor during the visit, along with likely a sensor or wearable device that wires your health data back to your team. This allows your doctor to be constantly plugged into your health as opposed to waiting for the one physical exam a year to check in. After your Baseline, you're able to access those plans 24/7 through your app, and also chat in with your care team any time of day or night. You'll use the app to schedule any phone call or in-person visits that you should need throughout your membership - and no, you're not limited to a certain number of chats or visits per month or year. Whenever you need your care team, we're there for you! Because the app also gives your doctor and team a way to reach out to you, we're able to be proactive about things like reminders, offers to help schedule outside visits that we might recommend, or visit requests to have you come in again to see your doctor to, perhaps, review your genetic testing results. 

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