We operate completely outside of insurance, so we don’t bill to your insurance or charge co-pays for things like doctors visits, in-house labwork, care coordination and so on. The monthly membership fee is direct pay. 

The benefit of our model is that it’s all-inclusive - everything we do on-site is included in a fix cost, plus we give you unlimited visits with $0 co pays and 24/7 access to chat with your MD and Care Team through our Forward app.We do not recommend that you cancel an existing insurance plan, as we are not a replacement for insurance; although having insurance it’s not a requirement to join Forward. 

Some members have HSA or FSA accounts that they use to pay for Forward which creates a discount. Though we don’t bill to insurance for our services, we have the ability to work with all different types of insurance when it comes to specialist referrals, prescriptions, or emergency care that you need help coordinating outside of Forward. 

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